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We’re building an AI Data Scientist
to drive AI impact faster

Delphina is already helping teams with predictive AI for

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Car accident prediction
  • Sales & demand forecasting
  • Shipping cost prediction
  • Personalization

Transformative data science means rapid cycles through:

Delphina gives you tools for every step

Give Delphina a prediction problem.

It will discover relevant data, clean it, and build sophisticated transformations that separate the signal from the noise.

>> Delphina has already been used by teams to build thousands of novel feature transformations on their raw data.

Delphina builds powerful machine learning models that help you understand the present and predict the future.

>> Delphina customers are often seeing double-digit percentage improvements in model performance.

Delphina integrates with your existing MLOps stack and enables you to deploy pipelines without relying on partner teams.

>> Delphina is currently delivering features to customers in Snowflake and BigQuery.

We integrate with the most common and important tools in your stack

Our Mission:

Unlock the extraordinary potential of predictive AI for the world.

The name Delphina is inspired by the Oracle of Delphi, known for predicting the future.

Our Team:

We are building a team of exceptional scientists and engineers to transform how data science and machine learning are done.

Our Founders, Jeremy Hermann and Duncan Gilchrist.


Jeremy Hermann

Head of ML Platform at Uber, architect of Michelangelo. Co-founder of Tecton. Stanford.

Duncan Gilchrist

Director of Data Science at Uber, VP Data Science & Engineering at Gopuff. PhD Harvard.


Thomas Barthelemy

Software Engineering

Staff Engineer at Coursera -- from 40 people to IPO at 1,000+. Betteromics. Stanford.

Pedro Olea

Applied Science

Head of Rider Pricing Science at Uber, Delivery Science at Gopuff. PhD Princeton.

Wei Hao

Software Engineering

Machine learning at Google, Facebook, Sisu. PhD Princeton.

Sonya Berg

Applied Science

Staff Applied Scientist at Uber; Stitch Fix. PhD UC Davis.

Eric Qian

Software Engineering

SWE at Scale AI, Facebook. MIT.

Sara Gates

Content Advisor

Monte Carlo, Mailchimp, Vacasa.

Wenbo Wang


Product Designer at Databricks, Cloudera.

Priscilla Choi


Ops at Nuro, Salesforce.

Jason Xu

Software Engineering

SWE at Scale AI, TruckSmarter. UCLA, Berkeley MSc.

Jack Zhao

Software Engineering

SWE at Meta, Grail, Betteromics. Waterloo.

We're hiring!

We have roles open across a range of functions - don’t hesitate to reach out.


We’re backed by leading venture capital firms with exceptional depth in ML and AI.

Over 20 world-class angel investors believe in what we are building and its importance to the world, including:

Sequoia Professor of Computer Science, Stanford
Co-Founder & CEO, Weights and Biases
Founder of Leadout Capital, early Facebook
Founder & CEO, Hebbia AI
Early Databricks
Former Chief Algorithms Officer at Stitch Fix
Nobel Laureate, Stanford Professor
GTM at OpenAI, early Stripe

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